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WRAL: Anterior Hip Replacement Benefits

Anterior hip replacement is gaining in popularity because of its benefits to the patient. Only a handful of physicians in Wake County are certified in the anterior approach, including Dr. Timothy Harris and Russell Norris with Wake Orthopaedics.

The anterior approach to total hip replacement surgery means that doctors make the incision on the front of the hip rather than the side or back of the hip. It also makes it possible for the surgeon to spread the muscle instead of cutting it and separating it from the bone to replace your hip joint. This can reduce the pain patients feel during recovery. In addition to being a less painful approach, anterior hip replacement surgery offers the potential for less scarring, fewer restrictions during recovery, faster recovery and less chance of joint dislocation.

WRAL recently featured a story and interview with Dr. Harris. The New York Times also ran a story about the procedure and its benefits.