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Danger at the Bus Stop Comes a Little Too Close to Home

This morning, my daughter was almost run over by a car that did not stop when the bus stopped.  So, today I am compelled to share a safety message that came a little too close to home.

Every day kids at bus stops are endangered by drivers going too fast, not stopping at the stop signs and generally not paying attention. When these children are hit, they are rushed to the WakeMed Trauma Center frequently with severe injuries.  Tragically, sometimes these children don’t even make it to the hospital. 

Let’s PLEASE be good citizens and not injure or kill children because we are in a hurry or choose not to follow the traffic laws. 

  • Stop signs are not suggestions. 
  • It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus. 
  • Even kids under the best supervision may sometimes dart into traffic. 
  • The speed limit stays the same even during rush hour.

SafeKids Wake County also provides tips for bus stop safety.  Please review these with your child this afternoon to ensure their safety.

  • While waiting for the bus, stand 5 giant steps back from the street.
  • When at the bus stop, pay attention.  Playing children are distracted children who can accidentally end up in traffic.
  • When the bus stops, line up in a single-file line. 
  • When getting on the bus, hold onto the handrails, and be careful that your clothes or other objects don’t get snagged. 
  • If you drop something near the bus, do not pick it up. Tell an adult. 
  • When crossing the road, look both ways before you cross and walk 5 giant steps in front of the bus.