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WakeMed’s Wonderful Volunteers

Thank you to all of our volunteers who donate their time, talent and positive attitudes to help deliver the best health care to the communities we serve. Our volunteers are an integral part of WakeMed, helping us meet our mission to provide outstanding and compassionate care to all who seek our services.  

More than 1,600 volunteers dedicate 110,000+ hours each year to help physicians, staff, patients and visitors throughout the WakeMed system. Volunteers support families in the Critical Care Waiting Room, Children’s Hospital Ronald McDonald Family Room and emergency departments across the county. Volunteers conduct hearing screenings on the tiniest patients, deliver flowers, magazines and snacks, escort four-legged friends to brighten a patient’s day, help visitors find their way to loved ones’ rooms and so much more.  

Read profiles of the following spectacular volunteers and others who serve on Raleigh Campus or at Cary Hospital .

What volunteering means to me:  

Mickey Gault
Lap Parent, Neonatal Intensive Care
Volunteering broadens your perspective on life and helps you realize the preciousness of each human being. 

Dela Adams
Emergency Department Liaison
I have the honor of helping those who can’t do for themselves. I’m having one of the greatest experiences of my life.  

Mark & Aragorn

Mark Mathis
Hospitality Pet Volunteer
There’s nothing quite like seeing someone light up when you bring ’round a furry friend to say hello. 


Supriya Sivadanam
Guest Ambassador
We need to step outside ourselves and do what we can for others. I believe that’s how we make a good life, and that’s why I volunteer. 


 John Agurs
Friendly Face Cart
I was inspired to volunteer by the care I received when I was ill. Now it’s my turn to return the favor.  


Amrita Dusara
Diversionary Activities Group
When I finish my work, I know I’ve made a difference. It doesn’t get any better than that. The feeling is priceless.