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Save 100 Calories Per Day and Lose 10 lbs a Year

100 extra calories per day can add up to 10 pounds a year.  Reduce your consumption by 100 calories per day and you will lose that much in a year with only minimal effort.

Follow these suggestions to painlessly reduce your intake and drop 10 lbs by the time you are thinking about making your next New Year’s Resolution.

  • Eat 3-4 fewer spoonfuls at each meal
  • Never supersize, always order junior or small versions
  • Remove the skin from your chicken or turkey
  • Order pizza with ½ the cheese and leave off the meat
  • Eat ½ slice less pizza than you normally would
  • Make a sandwich on light bread instead of regular bread
  • Change from whole milk to 1% milk; you’ll save 100 calories with every 16 oz. of milk
  • Eat ½ bagel instead of the whole thing, save the other half for tomorrow
  • Substitute lettuce and tomato for a slice of cheese
  • Use tuna packed in water instead of tuna in oil (yes, even if you drain it!)
  • Substitute 2 tablespoons reduced calorie salad dressing or mayonnaise for regular version
  • Cut back your meat serving by 1-2 ounces
  • Reduce your portion of rice or pasta by ½ cup
  • Use 1 tablespoon less butter, margarine or oil when cooking
  • Have a 12-oz.soft drink instead of a 20 oz or use diet soda instead of regular
  • Have one less alcoholic drink
  • Choose light ice cream instead of premium, and half the serving
  • Eat fewer cookies.  Reduce by 2 small cookies or 1 large cookie to save 100 calories
  • Cut your serving of brownies, cookies, candy, and cake in half
  • Don’t eat chips or snack food out of the bag…measure what you’re eating, you’ll save 150 calories per ounce of chips you pass up

Suggestions provided by WakeMed Corporate and Community Health.