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Resources for a Healthy You in 2013

The number one New Year’s Resolution is to eat right, exercise, and drop a few pounds.  This resolution typically falls by the wayside by the end of January.  Our goal is to help you stay on a healthy path and make 2013 the year that your resolution for a healthy new you becomes a reality.  This year, we will focus on posting information from our in-house dietitians, exercise specialists, and physicians to help you make smart, healthy choices throughout the year.

This post will be continuously updated as we add additional relevant information.  Additionally, if you have specific exercise, diet or weight loss questions you would like answered, please let us know.

Weight Loss

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Is Sugar Toxic?

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Super 7 Spices and Herbs

Bitter is Better

Eat a Rainbow

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Vitamin D Exposed

Not All fish Consumption is Healthy


Physical Therapy Solution to the Most Common Running Injuries

Five Finger and Rocker Shoes, Are They Gimmicks?

Don’t Forgo the Stretch

5 Indoor Workout Resources You Didn’t Even Know You Had

The Buzz on Earbuds

Women Can Do Pull Ups

Bariatric Surgery

How to be a Winner at Losing

Weight Loss Surgery Can Reverse Diabetes

Bariatric Surgery, A Two Month Reflection

Getting Ready for Bariatric Surgery