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Happy Fifth Anniversary, WakeMed Air Mobile!

Today, WakeMed Air Mobile 1 celebrates five years of transporting patients for the WakeMed system.  The 2004 Eurocopter EC-135P2 completed its first transport on November 16, 2007, and since then has transported more than 2,300 patients, including 706 trauma patients, 820 cardiac patients and 105 pediatric patients.

Staffed by one pilot, one registered nurse (RN) and one paramedic 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Air Mobile 1 has performed 272 scene flights and 2,045 inter-hospital transfers since joining the WakeMed fleet. 

The entire flight team consists of four pilots, 11 RNs and nine paramedics, all committed to ensuring our patients receive the highest level of care as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.  On behalf of WakeMed, we say thank you to Air Mobile 1 and the dedicated team that makes its mission possible.


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