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Ultrasound for EMS

Dr. Graham Snyder, MD, demonstrates ultrasound on his foot at the conference for EMS providers.

Ultrasound is an emerging technology for EMS providers. 

This week, at the EMS World Expo in New Orleans, representatives from WakeMed are teaching EMS providers to how to use ultrasound in the field. 

In EMS, ultrasound can help providers in determining the best  hospital to treat acutely ill patients.  “Hospital destination patterns may be different for the patient complaining of belly pain versus the patient with diagnosed fluid in the belly,” commented Amar Patel, director WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning and one of the instructors of the ultrasound class.  “Without ultrasound, EMS providers would likely transport the patient to the closest hospital but not necessarily the most appropriate hospital with trauma capabilities.”

Patel, Dr. Graham Snyder, MD, medical director, Center for Innovative Learning, and Dr. Brendan Berry, MD, medical director, WakeMed Mobile Critical Care, are jointly teaching the classes at the expo.  The class is being taught with a combination of human patient simulators and live models.