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Halloween Costumes: Pretty, Scary, Funny and Dangerous?

The smell of candy corn is in the air, and last year’s little ghosts and goblins are starting to plan for this year’s costumes.  Halloween costumes can be pretty, scary, funny, creative, ridiculous, and dangerous. 

Safe costumes are reflective and fit well from the hat to the shoes.    

Fit: Costumes should be short and snug – baggy sleeves or billowy capes and skirts can trip your child up and catch fire if they brush against jack-o-lanterns or candle flames.

Shoes need to fit – big, floppy shoes (clown shoes or adult shoes) can be hard to walk in and could make your child fall.

Masks should fit properly and the eye holes should allow for full visibility. Even better, use face paint instead of wearing a mask.

Reflective: Trick-or-treating happens at night, and Halloween night is one of the most dangerous for pedestrian injuries.  Make sure drivers can see costumes in the dark by wearing a glow-in-the-dark costume or attaching retroreflective tape or stickers to your child’s costume. Make sure they take a flashlight with them.