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WakeMed Implements eICU Service

WakeMed is the leading critical care provider in Wake County. Yesterday, these patients began benefiting from an extra team of critical care experts because WakeMed is the first health system in the Triangle to implement an eICU® Service where an off-site team of critical care experts monitors data in real time to identify trends that may indicate a change in a patient’s condition.  

“Many clinical decisions are based on data, including the patient’s vital signs, medications and test results.  WakeMed is investing in the eICU technology because of its potential to enhance quality of care, patient safety and cost savings,” commented Dr. Bill Atkinson, WakeMed president and CEO.  “WakeMed is a leading provider of critical care in the region, and this advancement is all about leveraging data and specialized medical providers to deliver the right treatment at the right time to maximize outcomes and patient safety.”

The WakeMed eICU Service connects the bedside care team with critical care nurses and physicians at an off-site location whose primary purpose is to analyze patient data and track trends from a central monitoring station 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This added layer of protection helps bedside staff identify and respond to adverse condition changes immediately, before they become emergencies.   Cameras and microphones integrated into each critical care room will allow the eICU physicians and nurses to interact and serve as a resource for the bedside care team, the patient and the patient’s family as they make important, timely decisions.

Both WRAL-TV and The News & Observer covered this exciting new service.