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Live Transradial Cath Broadcast During International Conference

Yesterday the WakeMed Heart Center was pleased to host Drs. Tift Mann and Dr. Ferdinand Kiemeneij.  Together, they performed a live transradial cardiac catheterization case that was broadcast during the 1st Advanced International Mastersclass  AIM radial conference in Quebec, Canada.  This international conference featured advanced radial techniques and live cases from the U.S., France, Canada, and Japan.  WakeMed was the only U.S. site broadcast during in this conference.

Drs. Mann and Kiemeneij are leading authorities on transradial cardiac catheterization procedures.  In fact, Dr. Kiemeneij, who is from Holland, performed the first catheterization using the transradial approach in 1993.  Transradial cardiac catheterizations have been performed at WakeMed since 1994 when Dr. Mann performed the first case in the United States.

During a transradial cardiac catheterization, the catheter is inserted through the patient’s wrist instead of the more traditional site, the groin.  The benefit for the patient is a shorter recovery time.

Dr. Mann (in the dark blue scrubs) and Dr. Kiemeneij (directly to the right of Dr. Mann) led the transradial team.