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FREE First Aid Kit

Summer is a time for adventures, so be prepared. Stop by one of the following WakeMed full-service Emergency Departments in Apex, Brier Creek and North Raleigh to pick up a free emergency kit* for all the bumps, bruises and bee stings the summer brings. And, if you run into anything your emergency kit can’t handle, we’re open 24/7 for you and your family.

Participating Locations:

WakeMed Apex Healthplex

WakeMed Brier Creek Healthplex

WakeMed North Healthplex

Of course, it is always best to not need to use the first aid kit.  Follow these safety tips to ensure every adventure this summer is a GREAT adventure.


Make sure there’s enough room around and between each piece of playground equipment for foot traffic.

Playgrounds should have a 12-inch layer of sand or cedar chips under the monkey bars to help soften falls and prevent serious injury.

Check equipment for signs of rust and erosion. Make sure all nuts, bolts and clamps are tight and capped.

Don’t let kids play rough on or around playground equipment – someone could get hurt.

To prevent dehydration, encourage kids to drink plenty of water throughout the day.


Kids should always wear a helmet that fits snugly but is not tight – allow one finger space between the strap and chin. Chin straps should always be fastened.

Make sure your child’s bicycle has the proper safety equipment: a red rear reflector, a white front reflector, a horn or bell, and a rear view mirror.


Be within arm’s reach if a child cannot swim.

Never leave children unattended!

Standing water in wading pools, bathtubs, toilets and buckets can be dangerous to toddlers.

Prevent the spread of E. coli bacteria – take a soapy shower before entering the water. Babies should wear waterproof diapers.

Review safety rules at the beginning of each swim season and reassess your child’s swimming ability.

Learn CPR.

Make sure your kids know these water safety rules:

Don’t swim immediately after eating.

Only swim where a lifeguard or adult is present.

Never dive in shallow water (less than 10 feet deep).


*One kit per family, while supplies last.


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