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Bus Stop Teachable Moment

Today on Facebook moms and dads have posted pictures of happy kids on their first day of the new school year.   Let’s help keep that smile all year round.  Use your time waiting at the bus stop as a teachable moment on how to stay safe entering and exiting the bus.

  • While waiting for the bus, stand 5 giant steps back from the street.
  • When at the bus stop, pay attention.  Playing children are distracted children who can accidentally end up in traffic.
  • When the bus stops, line up in a single-file line. 
  • When getting on the bus, hold onto the handrails, and be careful that your clothes or other objects don’t get snagged. 
  • If you drop something near the bus, do not pick it up. Tell an adult. 
  • When crossing the road, look both ways before you cross and walk 5 giant steps in front of the bus. 

Additionally, this also a good time of year to remind drivers to obey posted school zone speed limits and to pay extra close attention when driving near a school.  Believe it or not, children do not always use the best judgment when crossing the street.

WakeMed has Wake County’s only Trauma Center, a great freestanding Children’s Emergency Department and a new Children’s Hospital.  We are there if you need us, but we would greatly prefer that you and your family stay healthy and well.