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WakeMed Features Da Vinci Times Three

WakeMed Raleigh Campus is now home to  two da Vinci® Si™ Surgical Systems – the latest robotic surgical technology available.  WakeMed Cary Hospital also is home to a da Vinci surgical system.

The da VinciSi offers surgeons 3-D visualization during laparoscopic surgeries, along with enhanced dexterity, precision and control.  Using the da Vinci, surgeons can offer a minimally invasive option for complex surgical procedures such as radical hysterectomies and prostatectomies. 

Today, 20 WakeMed Medical Staff members are certified to perform robotic surgery in specialties including general surgery, urology and gynecology.

“The features of the da VinciSi model are more streamlined,” commented Sam Chawla, MD, Wake Specialty Physicians-Urology.  “The picture-in-picture capability allows us to easily view patient films during surgery.  We can also save our console settings so each surgeon can quickly reach his or her comfort level with the robot.”

In the coming months, FireFly fluorescence imaging, a visualization tool, will also be connected to the da VinciSi Surgical System at WakeMed Raleigh Campus to further enhance the surgeon’s view of bodily structures and surgical precision. 

“This combination of robotics and FireFly gives us the ability to do single-incision procedures not otherwise possible as well as robotic gall bladder surgery,” said Brandon Roy, MD, a general surgeon with Wake Specialty Physicians-General Surgery.  “The more precise we can be and the fewer incisions we need to make can be extremely beneficial to patients in terms of how long they have to stay in the hospital, blood loss, pain and overall recovery.” He noted that single-incision surgery will ultimately be used primarily for genitourinary and gynecological procedures.