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Diagnostic Center Open Off New Bern Ave.

This week, WakeMed opened a new Diagnostic Center on the first floor of the WakeMed Raleigh Medical Park located near the corner of New Bern Ave. and Sunnybrook Rd.   The Diagnostic Center offers outpatient imaging and lab services as well as pre-anesthesia testing in a location adjacent to the WakeMed Raleigh Campus.

In addition to the Diagnostic Center, the WakeMed Raleigh Medical Park will soon be home to the Capital City Surgery Center. Scheduled to open in July, the Capital City Surgery Center is a 30,000 square-foot ambulatory surgery center (ASC) which is a joint venture between WakeMed and community surgeons.

Duke Children’s and WakeMed Children’s Specialty Services will also open offices in the WakeMed Raleigh Medical Park this fall, bringing nationally recognized pediatric sub-specialist faculty from Duke to WakeMed.  The Duke practice includes 25 physicians, plus an additional 34 clinical and administrative staff. Duke will lease approximately 20,000 square feet in the medical office building and will complement WakeMed’s existing pediatric specialties.

“Southeast Raleigh has long been home to WakeMed Raleigh Campus, our flagship tertiary care hospital, but the neighborhood lacked convenient access to ambulatory and outpatient services,” commented Carolyn Knaup, vice president of ambulatory services.  “The addition of the WakeMed Raleigh Medical Park with the diagnostic center, pediatric specialty physicians and ambulatory surgery center will greatly expand access to medical services and increase convenience for patients in this area.”