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Which car seat is best for my baby?

Which is the best seat for my baby?

Unfortunately, car seat technicians are not allowed to answer this popular question with a product name or model, because we are prohibited from saying one seat is better than the other implying endorsement.

Our biggest concern is that you have a car seat you can use correctly 100 percent of the time. 

All seats sold on today’s market are tested to provide your baby with a safe ride within the confines of our government’s standards, so the best way to select a seat for you and your baby is to answer the following questions:

  • Can I use the seat correctly?
  • Can I install it correctly?
  • Are the directions easy to follow?
  • Does it have the features that I want?  e.g. the straps are easy to secure around my child.
  • Will my child be comfortable in this seat?
  • Will the seat fit in my car?
  • Is the seat expired?
  • If I get the seat from a friend or someone else, do I know the history of the seat?
  • Has the seat been involved in a crash? (If so, do not use it.)
  • Will my child outgrow the seat too quickly?
  • Can I afford the seat?
  • Does my baby cry every time I place her/him in the seat?  (If so, your child may be uncomfortable and you may want to consider replacing the seat.)
  • Has the car seat recalled?

If you are comfortable with the answers to these questions, then you are probably moving in the right direction selecting a car seat for your baby.

Rosy Rosenthal is a certified car seat specialist and works with WakeMed Campus Police.