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Honoring the Longview House Legacy

Earlier this week we announced that the family of Clarence and Alice Aycock Poe generously gifted the historic Longview House, or Poe House as it is often referred to, and two acres of land upon which it sits to the WakeMed Foundation.

The Longview House is very close to many people’s hearts both as a historic property and as the place where many a wedding reception and anniversary party has been held over the years.  After our announcement, we heard concerns about the future of the home. 

Although we are still finalizing land use plans for 14 acres we purchased adjacent to the home, we promise to honor the legacy that is the Longview House and not tear it down.  Our intent is to develop the land surrounding the Longview House.

According to the ancestors of Clarence Poe, he used to sit on porch of the Longview House, survey his farm, and comment on how you need to look at life and health with a long view.  We commit to honor this perspective in the future development of the property adjacent to the home.


2 thoughts to “Honoring the Longview House Legacy”

  1. How wonderful to respect the wishes of a man who donated such a great gift. Today business transactions are all about time & money & it is nice to see history preserved. I guess big business can have a heart!

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