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Healthy Holiday

This time of year, our traditions and celebrations are often centered around eating.  Here are some realistic ideas to keep you and your family healthy, active and happy this holiday season.

• Enjoy your favorite dishes – just do it in moderation! Only 1 scoop/serving of the high calorie foods.
• Fill at least ½ your plate with fruits & vegetables.
• Make a “one plate” rule & avoid going back for seconds.
• Have a healthy snack before you sit down for a large meal. Try these snacks: 1 slice of whole wheat toast & 1 tbsp. peanut butter, Greek yogurt topped with raspberries, 1 low-fat string cheese & a small apple.
• Skip the dips – they’re loaded with calories, sodium, & are high in fat.
• Drink water or use fresh fruit slices in sparkling water for a low-cal “cocktail”. If you need to warm up to a cozy drink, try low fat hot chocolate and use 1% or skim milk.
• Don’t sit around the food table and snack! Put your food on a plate and sit away from the food to eat & socialize to avoid mindless munching!
• Exercise before and after you go to a holiday party.
• Stay hydrated. Dehydration often makes you think you’re hungry! Aim for 6-8 glasses of water per day.

• Throw the Frisbee around
• Go for a family walk
• Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt and look for different colored leaves or find different holiday decorations
• Have your family play a game of football, baseball, or basketball
• Plan a road rally and have everyone “ride” something different like roller skates, skateboards, scooters, or bikes
• Have board games that involve moving like Pictionary
• Plan a tournament using Wii fit or Wii sports
• Burn calories by turning on your favorite music and starting a dance party
• Plan to get-together with friends for a walk
• Always carry comfortable shoes & clothes in your car so you can squeeze in a walk while waiting or completing your holiday shopping

Instead of this; Try this
Butter (sweet dishes); Applesauce
Butter; Olive or canola oil
Whole milk; 1% or skim milk
Heavy Cream; Use 1% or skim milk & mix in flour to thicken
Cheese; Cut the amount in ½ or use low-fat cheese
Sour Cream; Fat free sour cream or plain yogurt
Gelatin; Sugar-free Jello
Egg; Substitute 2 egg whites for 1 egg
Salt; Natural herbs (rosemary, oregano, etc.)

These tips were compiled by Julie Paul a registered dietitian with WakeMed Children’s Diabetes & Endocrinology.