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Help WakeMed ENERGIZE! be Nationally Recognized

ENERGIZE!, WakeMed’s community-based fitness and nutritional education program for teens and pre-teens, has been selected as one of three programs nationwide to qualify for recognition by the Department of Health & Human Services.  We need your help to win this high-profile recognition.  Please visit this web site to vote for ENERGIZE! Voters can only vote for a submission once between now and May 31.

ENERGIZE! Is a community based healthy lifestyle program for children and adolescents.  ENERGIZE! participants are referred to the program by their physician if they have four of five risk factors for developing pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes.  And, the program, which has helped almost 600 children, adolescents, and their families achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle in our community is free for participants.  Want to learn more about ENERGIZE! or think your child might be a good candidate for the program? Please click here to learn more.  And, don’t forget to vote for ENERGIZE! to win national recognition.


3 thoughts to “Help WakeMed ENERGIZE! be Nationally Recognized”

  1. Thanks for putting children first! Keep up the great work you do in our community!

  2. I would like to get my 15 year old son Into this program. What do I need to do?

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