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AHA Commends Efforts to End Smoking in Raleigh City Parks and Greenways

Today, the Raleigh City Council voted 6-2 to prohibit smoking in Raleigh City Parks and Greenways.  Advocates for Health in Action (AHA) commends Raleigh Parks and Recreation and the Raleigh City Council for their collective efforts to limit exposure to second-hand smoke and their strong commitment to protecting the health of Raleigh’s citizens.

AHA advocated for the end of smoking in city parks because it will significantly reduce exposure to second-hand smoke for all park visitors. This change will also have the secondary benefits of reducing litter and protecting our youth from negative role modeling.

We are thankful to City Council for taking this proactive step toward limiting exposure to second-hand smoke. Raleigh, as the capital city, can be a positive example for the rest of the county and state to follow.

AHA will continue to work with other municipalities in Wake County to make all parks 100 percent tobacco free. 

Laura Aiken is the executive director of Advocates for Health in Action and is a community health specialist at WakeMed.  WakeMed is also a member of the Advocates for Health in Action collaborative, whose mission it is to shape the environment throughout Wake County so healthful eating and physical activity are the way of life.