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WakeMed Pride

It happened again.  I was standing upside down in yoga class when I noticed a woman in a red shirt across the room with the WakeMed logo splashed across her back.  As I returned my feet to the floor and righted my center of balance, I felt that familiar surge of pride and curiosity.  Which distant relative is this and to what branch of our intricate family tree does she belong?  She is a teammate, another WakeMed employee out in the community, and despite our occupational differences, we are part of something so much greater than our individual efforts can accomplish.

I am reminded almost daily that with a WakeMed badge on my lapel in the grocery store, the pharmacy or in the gym, I am more than a Monday through Friday, nine-to-five human resources professional.  I am a walking advertisement even as I stroll down the produce aisle in the Harris Teeter.  

With more than 7,600 employees, WakeMed is Wake County’s largest private employer. WakeMed is a vital part of this community employing many of your neighbors and caring for your families. In this our 50th year, WakeMed pride is stronger than ever.  When you see someone wearing a WakeMed badge or T-shirt out in the community, engage them and see why they like working for this extraordinary organization.

Laura Olson is an allied health recruiter in the Human Resource Department.  To learn more about employment at WakeMed, click here.