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Video: From Heart Attack to Cath Lab

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the US. During a heart attack, every minute that passes before you get treatment, decreases your chance of survival. Just because you might not be in easy driving distance of a hospital doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a fighting chance. At WakeMed, the training is very real, in order to give you that fighting chance.

This video shows a STEMI (or heart attack) patient training field transport via WakeMed Air Mobilefrom the 9-1-1 call to the cath lab.  The WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning recently entered this video into the first annual METI awards, showcasing videos of human patient simulators in use.  Please take a moment to peruse the videos and vote for WakeMed

Amar Patel is the manager of the WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning.