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WakeMed Recertified for Excellence in Stroke Care

WakeMed has received recertification from The Joint Commission as a Primary Stroke Center, and WakeMed Raleigh Campus, Cary Hospital, North Healthplex and Apex Healthplex remain the only certified Primary Stroke Center in Wake County.

Being a Primary Stroke Center is important because North Carolina is part of the nation’s “Stroke Belt” where death rates from stroke are significantly higher than the rest of the U.S. According to the North Carolina Stroke Association, someone in North Carolina is hospitalized every 20 minutes with a stroke and every two hours someone dies from a stroke. Two-thirds of these stroke survivors are moderately to severely disabled, and approximately 20 percent of stroke survivors require long-term care, and up to 30 percent are permanently disabled.

Being a Primary Stroke Center demonstrates WakeMed’s commitment to stroke prevention and care. We have dedicated hundreds of hours over the past four years educating our community about stroke prevention, warning signs and symptoms. Additionally, WakeMed has made a significant investment of time and resources to ensure patients with suspected stroke are identified early, their care is streamlined and coordinated across disciplines, and they have access to the most advanced treatments and technologies available.

Learn more about stroke warning signs and symptoms by clicking here.

Kimberly Elks, RN, is the WakeMed Stroke Program Coordinator.


One thought to “WakeMed Recertified for Excellence in Stroke Care”

  1. I suffered a stroke on June 16, 2010 and spent 5 weeks at WakeMed Rehab Hospital in Raleigh, NC. The care I received was excellent!!! I was unable to move my left arm and leg, and went from not moving my left side to walking with a cane during those 5 weeks. I have continued speech, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, as well as home exercises. Not only did they work with me, they worked with my family to enable me to make a successful transition home. I am now walking without a cane, and am able to climb stairs by myself. i think the staff at WakeMed were my guardian angels!!!

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