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Stroke Awareness Tip of the Week: Manage Diabetes

Kimberly Elks is the WakeMed stroke program coordinator.

Every Friday in recognition of Stroke Month, we will provide a new tip about stroke prevention.  This week, we are focusing on managing diabetes.

6.2 million people in the U.S are unaware that they have diabetes. People with diabetes are at increased risk of stroke because diabetes adversely affects the arteries. Stroke risk is two-and-a-half times higher in people with diabetes compared to those without diabetes.

  • If you have a family history of diabetes, ask your doctor if you are at risk. It may be necessary for you to be tested regularly.
  • If you have diabetes, monitor your blood sugar and weight gain, including A1C levels.
  • Take medicine as directed (including insulin). Follow the treatment guidelines of your doctor, and if you have any questions make sure to ask your doctor.
  • Manage your diet and exercise to control blood sugar levels.