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From Simulation to Innovation

Last week it was announced that the WakeMed Medical Simulation Center was changing its name to the Center for Innovative Learning.  Amar Patel, manager of the Center for Innovative Learning, shares the reasoning behind this change.

Since its inception, the Medical Simulation Center’s focus has always been to improve patient safety and quality outcomes. And, until now, we have primarily offered educational programs using human patient simulators. Medical simulation will always continue to be a large part of our programming, but scope of educational opportunities we are offering has grown significantly. 

For 2010, The Center for Innovative Learning will begin to focus on these four areas: 

1)      Medical simulation which provides realistic clinical training and education for nurses, physicians, and caregivers using human patient simulators in a 3,800 square-foot simulation center;

2)      Educational outreach programs focused on developing clinical skills through gaming technology and providing technology based educational programs online;

3)      Intellectual property development providing an environment and resources to assist innovators in exploring, developing and implementing novel technological solutions;

4)      Regional simulation offering organizations like EMS, first responders and others interested in developing medical simulation programs, simulators and training.    

Technology-based education is a fairly new and rapidly growing field. New ways to use serious games, human patient simulators and other educational techniques to advance patient care throughout the health care system are being developed daily.  Our name more accurately reflects the programs and technologies we plan to offer now and well into the future.

The Center for Innovative Learning was also recently designated a Laerdal Center of Educational Excellence.  Click here to learn more.