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A good use of tax payer dollars

On Monday, Wake County Commissioners approved the transfer of ownership of an emergency response pharmaceutical trailer, purchased by the State of North Carolina on behalf of Wake County, to WakeMed.  WakeMed is the lead hospital in the Capital Regional Advisory Committee, which helps coordinate all emergency response efforts in this region of the state.  The transfer by Wake County is a great example of how we work together to create true public-private partnerships!

The custom trailer will serve as a mobile pharmaceutical processing and distribution facility for the Capital City and surrounding region in times of emergencies. Should WakeMed’s pharmacy or any area hospital pharmacy become damaged due to natural or manmade circumstances, this mobile unit will ensure patients are still able to receive their medications. Hurricane Katrina taught us many important lessons, like this one, as she crippled hospitals in her path.

The vehicle can also be deployed in the community to conduct mobile mass vaccination clinics.  Hopefully we won’t have another H1N1 scare but thanks to our federal and state elected officials, our area will be better prepared.