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WakeMed on health care reform

WakeMed has been asked several times this week for comments on the health care reform bill, signed into law by President Obama on Tuesday.

Becky Andrews, WakeMed’s vice president of finance, spoke to the News & Observer about the legislation’s new reporting requirements for non-profit hospitals.

Dr. Susan Weaver, Senior Vice President for WakeMed Physician Practices and a primary care physician, spoke to NBC-17 about providing health care for the uninsured and the shortage of primary care doctors.

Dr. Bill Atkinson, president and CEO of WakeMed, told News 14 Carolina that health care reform could provide a major economic boost for North Carolina with the legislation’s emphasis on information technology. See the video above for Dr. Atkinson’s interview on WRAL about the implications of the legislation for Americans and our nation’s hospitals.


One thought to “WakeMed on health care reform”

  1. So when will WakeMed start doing something for their older employees who are forced out of a job, aren’t yet 65, and have no healthcare? The position taken on healthcare reform is a little hypocritical.

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