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Snubbing Salmonella

Robin Carver, RN, is WakeMed‘s director of infection prevention & control.

Salmonella infection generally does not cause serious illness, but it does cause uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms and can occasionally be fatal in infants, people with compromised immune systems and the elderly primarily due to dehydration.

To date, 11 salmonella cases have been reported in North Carolina, but that number is not representative of the real picture since most people affected by salmonella contamination do not have to seek medical attention.

One way to avoid ingesting salmonella, is to frequently search the FDA’s web site for newly recalled products and compare the lot numbers with the foods you have in your pantry. A full list of products recalled due to the possibility of salmonella can be found here.

Salmonella is also frequently found in eggs and products that have come in contact with infected eggs.  To stay safe, follow these guidelines when handling eggs or egg products and as always, cook your food through to recommended temperatures and maintain clean cooking surfaces.