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WakeMed Debuts New DaVinci Si

Enhanced features, better ergonomics and quicker operating times characterize the new da Vinci Si Surgical System that came to the Raleigh Campus this January. It replaces an older model of the da Vinci Surgical System that was used by WakeMed Urology Physicians and WakeMed OBGYN physicians for the past five years.

The replacement makes the Raleigh Campus one of five hospitals in the state, and the only hospital in the Triangle area, to own and operate this advanced surgical robot.

About the da Vinci Si

The da Vinci Si offers surgeons 3-D visualization during laparoscopic surgeries, along with greatly enhanced dexterity, precision and control. Its state-of-the-art technology allows for smaller incisions, less bleeding, and an easier reach under vessels and organs.

Using the da Vinci, surgeons can offer a minimally invasive option for complex surgical procedures. Surgeons operate the robot by sitting at a console and directing every maneuver that its mechanical arms make.

How does the new da Vinci Si compare?

When comparing the da Vinci Si to the older model da Vinci, several enhancements allow for greater efficiency in the operating room (OR). Its features are more streamlined so that time is saved during set-up.

The added picture-in-picture viewing capability allows a surgeon to easily view a patient’s films during surgery. The robot also includes:

  • HD viewing
  • Touchscreen technology
  • The opportunity to connect with tools that use alternative energy sources
  • A more ergonomic surgeon console
  • The ability to save console settings so the operator can quickly reach his or her comfort level

This video, taken during a training session demonstrates the agility of the instruments and the ability to work in small spaces.   In the video, Cary Zeipekkis with Intuitive Surgical Systems, explains the benefits of using the da Vinci for transoral surgery.