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RX for Health and Weight Loss

Dr. John Holly, Brier Creek Internal Medicine

Tomorrow (Wednesday, January 27), Dr. John Holly, internal medicine physician with Brier Creek Internal Medicine, will join us for our weekly Twitter Chat.  Dr. Holly will build on the information provided by our nutritionist and fitness specialist, answering questions on how to:

  • Determine your perfect size  –  it’s no longer about the pounds
  • Talk to your physician about weight loss and why it’s important to heed his/her advice
  • Figure out the long term results of moderate sustained weight loss – getting the benefits takes less than you think
  • Identify contributing health factors that can lead to weight gain
  • Decide if bariatric surgery and medications marketed for weight loss work and if they are right for you?

How to Participate

You can view Dr. Holly’s side of the Twitter chat by going to WakeMed’s twitter page or you can view the conversation  here.

Ask Dr. Holly a question by posting your question to your profile and including the hashtag “#hlthchat” within the message.  This hashtag lets Dr. Holly keep track of your questions and answer them quickly.  You can also direct message questions during the chat or in advance to @WakeMed.