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Score for the Triangle

 Debbie Laughery, vice president of public relations and mom of a ’94 CASL Elite player, blogs on soccer’s impact on our community.

 CASL '94 Elite Takes on Triangle Futboll Club Navy
CASL '94 Elite Takes on Triangle Futboll Club Navy

You need look no further than the headlines in the media to see that this past weekend in the Triangle truly was soccer filled. Hundreds of teams brought nearly 7,000 kids, parents, coaches and college scouts for one of the most competitive tournaments in the country. Add to that the NCAA College Cup at the WakeMed Soccer Park, and you’ve got the makings for one of the busiest soccer weekends anywhere in the country. 

As soccer continues to gain popularity across the country, the Triangle is rapidly becoming one of the key soccer destinations, thanks in large part to the quality of local youth soccer clubs, the dominance of the ACC in college soccer, and one of the premier soccer venues in the United States. 

The Town of Cary’s WakeMed Soccer Park is widely regarded as one of the best places to play soccer because of its stadium size, overall facilities and numerous outer fields, all of which are in pristine condition.  The park is a huge benefit for professional, collegiate and youth sports alike.

Soccer’s draw in this area is having a tremendous economic impact on our community.  In addition to the Soccer Park, the Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) is one of the top rated clubs in the country with over 900 youth teams playing each season at numerous levels. They consistently field elite teams playing at the highest level nationally, while also offering top-rated tournaments. These activities result in spending in our restaurants and stores and fill hundreds of hotel rooms.

Combine the economic impact of CASL’s draw and a facility like the WakeMed Soccer Park, with the athletes’ tremendous display of athleticism, fitness and sportsmanship and you’ve got the key reasons WakeMed Health & Hospitals has adopted soccer as an ideal place to get involved. 

WakeMed’s involvement in soccer and youth sports is just one of the many ways we are committed to serving our community and making it a healthier place to live. It was truly our privilege to be involved this past weekend.