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Media Round-Up

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for health care reform.  Here are links to a couple of interesting articles that sum up the conversation.

Weekly Media Round-Up

Finance Committee Passes Bill With One GOP Vote” Washington Post

Health-Care Reform Proposals” The Wall Street Journal – This chart compares various versions of health care reform legislation. We’ve posted several charts and comparisons on the blog before, and this is another great resource to compare the plans.

People to Watch in the Debate’s Next Phase” The Wall Street Journal – This WSJ article highlights several legislators and their questionable position on a final health care reform bill.

What’s Next for Health Care?” National Public Radio – NPR interviews Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein about the next steps in reform legislation. Klein explains the reconciliation process and the significance of finalizing the bill within committee.

In other news, H1N1 vaccines are being distributed to states and administered nationally. A recent study suggests that children under age 10 will need to receive two doses of the vaccine in order to develop full immunity, USA Today reports.