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Who’s Coming to Market on June 17?

Access to healthy foods is key to a healthy lifestyle. For many of us, access is not a problem. Where I live, for example, there are two, soon-to-be three, grocery stores within walking distance of my house. 

In southeast Raleigh, however, access to healthy foods is not that convenient. That’s why the new WakeMed Farmers Market is helping increase access to healthy fruits and vegetables within this region.

In addition to increasing access, this market has also attracted some of the very best vendors!  Today (Tuesday, June 17), we expect to have all of these quality vendors on site from 10 am to 2 pm in our Raleigh Campus courtyard.

Produce Vendors

  • Balls Berries & Produce – A wide variety of North Carolina-grown produce
  • Little River Farms – Pesticide-free produce & fruits
  • Grocers on Wheels – Bringing the grocery store to southeast Raleigh
  • Jones Family Farms – One of the very few certified organic farms in North Carolina

Specialty Foods

  • Natural Choice – Jams, jellies and German mustard
  • JAM Catering Service – Homemade pickles, chow chow, relish and more

Prepared Foods

  • Flour Fettish – Cakes, cookies and brownies
  • Angelina’s Kitchen – Farm to fork food, from kale salad to falafel


  • Allvecia Soaps – Handmade soaps

Many vendors accept credit/debit. All vendors accept EBT. Weather looks nice and hot. Hope to see you there.

*Vendors are subject to change each week.