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WakeMed Launches ‘Let’s Fix This’ Website

Today, we officially launched a new website.  The site is designed to offer consumers candid dialogue about what works in healthcare, where there are opportunities for improvement as well as how WakeMed is addressing problems inherent in the current healthcare system.

The site presents issues that can be solved by hospitals, healthcare providers, insurance companies, consumers, and the government working together to enhance care for patients by making it more efficient, affordable, transparent, accessible and of the highest quality. 

Consumers deserve a straightforward dialogue – and meaningful answers – about the current state of the healthcare system in our country.  There is a lot that works, but there is also a lot that does not.  At WakeMed, we want to do more than talk about the problem. We want to fix it. 

Fixing the problems will require dedication and coordination across the healthcare continuum.  This means patients, insurance companies, lawmakers, physicians, caregivers, government and hospitals will have to be engaged in the process.  No one believes making changes to the system will be an easy journey, but it is necessary for the country to redirect its approach to healthcare.  Costs alone are impacting not only patient access but also the nation’s ability to compete economically.

One of the first areas of opportunity for hospitals is to be more transparent about healthcare costs and provide consumers with easy-to-understand bills.  At WakeMed, we are working toward that goal, and we will be detailing our journey as well as soliciting consumer feedback via the Let’s Fix This site.

– Bill Atkinson, WakeMed president & CEO

Visit the site to learn more.