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Tweeting the Storm – Social Media Resources to Get BEFORE Disaster Strikes

The Internet is the third most popular way people get emergency information.

With more than 80 percent of adult online users connected to at least one or more social media platforms, emergency management agencies are incorporating social media into their response strategies.

Social Media & Emergency Preparedness

WakeMed boasts several different social media profiles. The following are the most common social media accounts where we may provide critical updates, tips and information:

Other Helpful Resources

The following are some additional resources, which may prove invaluable during natural disasters.

#1 – The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has a mobile phone app that features a one-touch “I’m safe” button to allow users to access social media to let family and friends know they are okay.

Also check the Triangle Area Chapter of the American Red Cross for additional info as it relates to Wake County, NC.

#2 – Ready Wake

A joint information project of Wake County, NC towns, cities, and community partners, Ready Wake uses Twitter to provide safety tips and real-time shelter updates.

#3 – U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)

The US Department of Health and Human Services has a wealth of news information, FEMA information, how to apply for assistance, and more.

National Emergency Preparedness Month

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month.

This is a great time to get information about all of the available tools and resources, including social media, to help you and your family make a plan, build a kit and stay informed during an emergency.  Make sure to check out additional related posts on this blog as well by searching “emergency preparedness”.

About Barb Bisset

Barb Bisset is the executive director of the WakeMed Emergency Services Insitute.