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Families First: Tips from a Travelin’ Mama

Summer is officially here, and I have been looking forward to all of the fun trips we have planned for the family. While it’s not easy traveling with two little ones, I found that a little preparation and organization makes all the difference. So here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way. I hope they will help make your summer vacation enjoyable and relaxing – even with the kids!


Snacks. No matter where or how you travel – snacks are a must. The fruits and veggies squeeze pouches have been a life-saver and are easy and mess-free for little hands. Granola bars, raisins, halved-grapes, and cheese cubes are also a favorite.

Drinks. If flying, infants and children are permitted to have more than three ounces of liquid in their bottle or cup. Be sure to keep it separate while going through security. Drinking during takeoff and landing will help with clogged ears.

Games or small toys. Try the Color Wonder coloring pages and markers by Crayola® – the markers only show up on the special paper. It’s magic! Leave the toys with the small parts and lots of pieces at home.

“Lovey.” Don’t leave home without that special blankie or stuffed animal.

Baby wipes. Even if your child is out of diapers, these are great for even the biggest kids and messes!

Diapers. Bring extra diapers, disposable bags for those soiled diapers, and a blanket for a makeshift changing pad. If flying, consider packing a few diapers and purchasing some once you arrive at your destination. If your child is potty-trained, take a collapsible potty seat if using a public bathroom is not an option.

A change of clothes.

Plastic bags. These have countless uses from dirty clothes to left-over food.


Outlet covers.

Medications your child takes regularly. Don’t forget pain relievers and Band-Aids® just in case.

Baby toiletries. Baby shampoo, diaper rash medicine, sunscreen, insect repellent, etc.

There are more tips for traveling via airplane and much, much more included in the most recent issue of Families First.